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       Lift Sling Net Belt Factory , formerly known as Taixing Xingsheng Spreader Factory, has introduced foreign technology and equipment since 1980 and started the production of the first workshop-type lifting belt in China, breaking the domestic enterprises’ need for lifting belts and importing them. China and I have promoted step-by-step accumulation of experience, from small to large, from dozens of pieces a day in the past, to more than 12,000 pieces a day, from a single variety in the past to multiple varieties at present, including small tonnage, large tonnage, flat slings ( Polypropylene pickling sling, polyester export flat sling), round sling (DuPont silk sling, Dyneema large tonnage sling), supporting export disposable sling, high temperature resistant sling, anti-static sling, sling sling, and other products, 1983 In the year Xingsheng started online business, and developed the first in the spreader industry to be able to do business with a computer, which made the business industry particularly enviable. Lift was born in 2002. In 2004, Lift started as a google editor and started international trade. It has developed into a total area of 13,000 square meters and has 131 employees. There are five production bases for metallurgical lifting fixtures, slings, lifting belts, rope mesh belts and tools. The products have passed ISO quality system certification and international CE certification. , TUV product international certification, and has successively won: "Quality System Certification Certificate", "Product Production License", "Measurement Qualification Confirmation Certificate", "Quality Qualification Certificate", "Safety Mark Approval Certificate" and other qualification certificates.
     Our products have been monopolizing the market with a market share of 80% many years ago, and have gradually moved towards supporting large-scale factories, adopting quantitative awareness and small profits but quick turnover. Now supporting some large factories at home and abroad.

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